About Us

image MEI, LLC is the vision of company founder Janice Holman, who has been professionally involved in the field of educational technology for over 15 years. With more than 10 years of practical instructional experience as a certified classroom teacher (for K-12 and adult learners), we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients a unique blend of formal education, technical expertise in Web-based technologies, and the delivery of effective live, blended, and asynchronous training solutions.

Founded in 2011, we evolved into a successful collaboration with Moodle that began in 2013. Our contributions have ensured the maintenance and continued development of open-source Moodle software. Moodle has become the sole focus of the company in order to provide first-rate commercial services as we have demonstrated time and again.

Our diverse base of clientele have utilized our commercial services, including: Moodle hosting, Moodle training, and Moodle support. We have a passion for the transformative powers of technology for the learning process.